Releasing the Dragon - Evangeline Anderson

Releasing the Dragon

By Evangeline Anderson

  • Release Date: 2018-10-13
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 29 Ratings


Back in high school, Annie Michaels was an outcast. Too short and plump with frizzy red hair, glasses, and braces, she was the poster child for unpopular. But now, ten years later, things have changed. Annie is still plus-sized but she’s ditched the glasses and braces and pays to have her hair straightened. She just wants to go to her high school reunion in peace and try to hook up with her old crush—the elusive Christian Wentworth.
Too bad a tall, dark Kindred warrior has other ideas for her.

Drugair of the Drake Kindred is annoyed when he starts Dream-Sharing with the luscious little redhead. He doesn’t have time to call a bride and besides, as a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, his job is too difficult and dangerous to complicate matters with a helpless Earth female. It also doesn’t help that he has a Darker Side—the Drake who lives inside him wants to claim Annie as theirs but Dru does everything he can to suppress it’s fiery desires. He tries to ignore the dreams and finds he can’t…he has to go to Annie.

But just because she’s been dreaming of Dru doesn’t mean Annie’s willing to drop everything and be his bride. It’s only after he rescues her from the reunion gone wrong that she begins to feel for him—enough that she stows away on his ship and gets caught up in his latest mission, tracking a terrorist to the Shadow Palace in the Maw Cluster millions of light years away.

While in the Shadow Palace, Annie has to pose as Dru’s x’aan-chow or “sex pet.” This new twist in their relationship brings them closer together but when Annie is threatened, Dru’s Darker Half takes over. When the Drake comes out, will it bring them closer together? Or will they both die as a result?
You’ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out…


  • Loved

    By Racy Carr
    What an amazing story. I just love this type of Kindred. This was a little different the the one we had read in the past. I just loved this story. Drugair was what was called a Drake Kindred. He was different then the other Drugair Kindred we read about in the past. He was one that was in control of his Drake. He never let it out. The Drake Kindred had like this beast that lives inside them. It is different then another kindred for it is like 2 souls living inside one body. Drugair was a Kindred that had a lot of pride and lived for his job that he done for the Kindreds. He put the needs of his work over his own personal needs and this could cost him more then he is willing to give. I loved Annie. She was more of a geeky girl. She had a past that was so painful but looking at what she became in her life show how strong of a woman she really was. She is chasing a dream she should not be chasing when it comes to her past though. It is very dangerous. I love how well fit Drugair and Annie was. She was not scared of him and willing to speak her mind and put him in his place. This story is full of danger, passion, and some pretty hot moments. Loved it and glad I got a chance to read it.
  • Releasing the Dragon (Brides of the Kindred)

    By R. Manor
    Evangeline Anderson - Releasing the Dragon Another great addition to the Kindred Tales series. It’s full of wonderful characters and we get to hang out with some of our original favorites as well as meet new ones that are sure to be interesting in their own books to come. The main characters as in many of these books have had a rough time growing up especially as a teen, but they have worked hard to overcome these hurdles. Annie has had it rough and our hearts break for the bullying she had to endure as a red headed plump teen full of freckles (I love how the Kindred consider the freckles “Goddess Kisses”. Drugair (Dru)is a new Kindred species we are meeting. Few are allowed on the mothership as they are Dragon Shifters and considered a possible danger. Dru has worked hard to keep his poor Drake from coming out, it is considered a major disgrace in his culture. His ability to control his Drake has scored him a high position as an undercover agent for the Mother Ship. Dru and Annie have of course been dreamsharing and as hard as it is to stay away Dru finds he must meet his true mate. He is determined not to claim her though due to his dangerous job and his dragon (who turns out to be very wonderful). The story takes them on a dangerous mission, some new worlds and cultures. Some of the situations we have seen in previous stories but are seriously great material and work well with the plot (I know some readers have criticized this I find they are consistent with the worlds the author has so skillfully built).This book is ten flames 🔥 of hot. The plot is an exciting page turner, long enough to get lost in but short enough to read in one sitting (ok it was an all night sitting). In addition the story weaves in an over all plot that skillfully weaves in and introduces us to some awesome sounding characters and plot lines of up coming (hopefully soon) books.